A lot of people – and a lot of gluttonous orange cats – lament the existence of Mondays.

But what if I told you that Mondays changed my life drastically for the better?

I grew up in a household where Saturday was absolutely the seventh day, entirely for religious reasons. I didn’t even know throughout most of my childhood that this wasn’t a universally accepted fact, or that calendars existed where Sunday was the last day of the week instead.

The Gregorian Calendar, obviously, is extremely popular and ubiquitous in the U.S.1 But I never fathomed until I was already an adult that the ISO 8601 calendar existed as well2, which places Monday in the week’s first slot and is an international standard.

And that makes more sense, doesn’t it? If Friday, Saturday and Sunday are considered “the weekend” – when most people have work and school off – why would Sunday also be considered the start of a new week?

Making Sunday the beginning of a new week comes with a lot of problems, especially for someone like me whose Saturdays as a child were dominated by religious obligations instead of what the other kids described as “fun.”

Ridding myself of that nonsense and shifting the first day of my week to Monday changed everything for me. Suddenly my schedules started to make sense. Chunking out weekly time blocks from Monday to Sunday just fits perfectly with a two-day wind-down at the end before starting another weekly cycle. My calendar apps don’t look confusing to my anymore.

Saturday is now used as another day to be productive, and Sunday is a rest day. Using Sunday as a fulcrum to recover from the current week and prepare for the next one has helped me immeasurably.

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