As often happens when getting to know someone, it will inevitably be asked “what’s your favorite movie?” Having favorite films is part of American culture and identity as movies are one of our biggest and more popular world imports, and even in times of great economic uncertainty, people have been piling into cinemas to experience new releases in all their silver screen glory.

My problem is being indecisive, and what’s my favorite things are at the time will be largely dependent upon my mood and what new things I’ve encountered that have impressed me.

But since I’m a data nerd, I wondered if there was a way to best arrive at something at least approximating my favorite 100 films, ranked in some sort of reasonable order?

The methodology was pretty simple: list the first 100+ movies that come to mind and rate each one using a score from 1 to 5 and see where it all falls after sorting it. For reference and for fun, I included RottenTomatoes scores for comparison.

So here’s a ranked of what data shows are my favorite films, including my ranking and its RottenTomatoes score.