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  • Optimistic Nihlism


    Kind of where I’m coming from, in part. The only meaning to life is what we assign. It’s absurd to think we can ever truly know everything that’s out there or that we can grasp every possibility.

    1. Kurzgesagt. “Optimistic Nihlism” YouTube. July 26, 2017. Link 


  • Pathways

    So I got a Fitbit and started tracking my walks in all of July (or at least when I remembered to turn the GPS on). There’s definitely a walking pattern to my life.

    This might not look like much of a geographic range, but I just earned my London Underground badge of 402km lifetime distance since I started using the device. Of course, because I forget to track it constantly, my actual distance on foot traveled dwarfs that.

    I need new shoes.


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